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Fingerprint Sourcebook - Chapter 11: Equipment

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2011
13 pages

This chapter provides knowledge of the equipment that a technician needs when processing a crime scene or processing evidence in a laboratory.


A technician must be knowledgeable about the equipment that is available both in the field and in the laboratory. With the knowledge provided in this chapter, the technician will be able to select the best method for developing and preserving a print. This chapter focuses on equipment that can be used easily in the field and equipment that would be found in the laboratory setting, with some overlap between the crime scene and laboratory equipment. This chapter examines and provides information on field equipment, such as light sources, fingerprint powder applicators, latent print backing cards and lifting materials, casting material, cameras, 10 print cards, and miscellaneous equipment; laboratory equipment discussed include: the Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber, the Vacuum Metal Deposition Chamber, the laser, the humidity chamber, cameras, and comparison tools. Table, figures, references, and list of equipment sources

Date Published: March 1, 2011