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Executive Reference Guide for Practitioners: Youth Advocacy, Community Relations and Gang Violence Prevention

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Date Published
June 2013
13 pages
This guide is a repository of resources and tools that pertain to youth advocacy, community relations, and gang violence prevention, as well as information on how to implement evidence-based programs.
The resources cited relate to youth and education, with a focus on truancy, employment programs, targeting at-risk and delinquent youth, and best practices in the use of school resource officers. The guide identifies specific programs, approaches, and training that address community outreach and security as well as best practices in police-community relations. Resources relevant to gang membership prevention, intervention, and violence-prevention models are also provided. The format for presenting the resources and tools consists of a table for each issue addressed. The resources and tools on each issue are listed in the left column of the table, and the center column of the table indicates the appropriate use or target of the resource or tool. The right-hand column of the table shows the strength of the evidence base regarding the resource's effectiveness. The section on "How To Implement Evidence-Based Programs" outlines the core actions that leaders in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and victim services can take in adopting evidence-based programming in their organizations and system-wide in a jurisdiction.

Date Published: June 1, 2013