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Examining the Use and Impacts of Restrictive Housing

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Date Published
December 2021
91 pages

The purpose of this project was to develop a systematic understanding of the prevalence and use of restrictive housing (RH) in one state’s (Ohio’s) prison system and to then develop an understanding of the impacts of this restrictive housing usage across several domains relevant for corrections agencies, policymakers, and society members.



The study found that 1) 36.2 percent of people admitted to prisons will experience at least one placement in SRH; 2) 3,292 individuals are placed in SRH per month, which is roughly 6 percent of the prison population; 3) SRH usage has declined since 2011; 4) About 600 people, over 1 percent of the prison population at any point in time, is in ERH in OH at any given time; 5) About 51 people are transferred to ERH in any given month in Ohio.  Implications of these findings for future research and policy are discussed.


Date Published: December 1, 2021