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Evidence-Based Corrections: Identifying What Works

NCJ Number
Crime & Delinquency Volume: 46 Issue: 4 Dated: October 2000 Pages: 457-471
Date Published
October 2000
15 pages

This article emphasizes the importance of using evidence-based corrections in efforts to reduce crime in the community.


Correctional decision makers have made little use of science to try to inform their decisions. This article presents a method for assessing the literature not only using the direction and size of the effects of a program on recidivism but also weighing the studies by their scientific merit. Decisions would be made on the basis of both basic and outcome research evidence. The article describes a two-step procedure for drawing conclusions about what works in correctional strategies, interventions, and programs for crime prevention. The article assesses for scientific rigor studies within various areas (e.g., drug treatment, cognitive skills programs, educational programs). It uses the scientific rigor score and the direction and significance of the results to draw conclusions about what works, what does not, what is promising, and what is unknown. Note, references

Date Published: October 1, 2000