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Evaluation of the Multijurisdictional Task Forces (MJTFs), Phase II: MJTF Performance Monitoring Guide

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Date Published
February 2009
88 pages
This report describes the intent and the achievements of Phase II of a project designed to produce evidence-based guidance on monitoring and evaluating multijurisdictional drug task forces (MJTFs); the primary product of Phase II was a guide developed to assist the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and State administrative agencies (SAAs) and others in developing a performance monitoring system for MJTFs.
The template for a performance monitoring system presented in this guide resulted from collaboration between BJA, the National Institute of Justice, and Abt Associates, Inc., with the assistance and advice of SAAs from Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and Tennessee, as well as consultation with task force commanders. Following an introduction that provides an overview of the rationale, intent, and audience for the guide, the use of performance measures to monitor MJTFs is discussed. The first chapter focuses on what to measure when monitoring performance. It first discusses logic models, which are commonly used to link a program's goals with its strategies and tactics. Such models are particularly useful when they break down a program as complex as MJTFs. In describing the development of a logic model, the chapter addresses defining goals, identifying all inputs/resources, listing program activities, identifying and developing output and outcome measures, and thinking through impacts. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the use of the logic model to move to a performance monitoring system. Chapter 2 focuses on collecting data for performance measurement, with attention to the development of a template for a multijurisdictional task force performance measurement system. This is followed by a chapter on the analysis of MJTF performance in the course of performance monitoring. The concluding chapter addresses practical steps and advanced analysis in performance monitoring. Appended references, a performance measurement template, and an analysis worksheet

Date Published: February 1, 2009