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Entity User Experience Job Aid Reference Guide

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Date Published
February 2021
45 pages

This guide provides information on the features and uses of the U.S. Justice Department’s (DOJ’s) JustGrants software, which facilitates applying for and administering DOJ grants.



An introduction to this guide first addresses some of the new terms, processes, and features of JustGrants. The guide then reviews the basic features of JustGrants, announced as an “entirely new system that provides increased access and transparency throughout the grant process.” The new terms and processes of JustGrants align DOJ with the larger federal government to standardize and facilitate the ease and efficiency of the grants process for all federal agencies. Some of the changes in terminology, such as the use of “entity” instead of “organization,” are noted in the effort to standardize terminology in grant administration across federal agencies. There are six basic roles created by JustGrants to ensure that “entity” users have the authority and ability to meet specific requirements and perform tasks. These roles are described. In addition,  JustGrants introduces increased visibility among users within the entity, enabling more efficient user management. Each user will login with her/his email address. All the work and permissions associated with a user login will be displayed on the home page. Entity-level information is managed within SAM.gov, eliminating the need for grant modifications to change this information. Extensive illustrative figures 


Date Published: February 1, 2021