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Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Protocol Development Checklists

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Date Published
July 2020

These checklists, published as part of the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s (IACP) Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) protocol development toolkit, were designed to provide guidance for developing protocols to address human trafficking.


The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) offers a toolkit of Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) protocol development checklists that provide a list of items human trafficking task forces should consider when developing protocols specific to their local task force. These checklists encompass best practices, outline a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach, and are guided by the ECM, directing the development and implementation of strong and effective protocols. The toolkit covers the following topics: information sharing; trauma-informed protocols for accessibility of services for victims who are deaf and/or hard of hearing; language access; referrals to/from law enforcement and victim service providers; communication and working with the media; confidentiality; data collection; grant reporting.

Date Published: July 1, 2020