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Elder Abuse Fatality Review Teams: A Replication Manual

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2019
201 pages
This manual presents the issues and challenges that Elder Abuse-Fatality Review Teams (EA-FRT) will likely face in the course of their work and offers ideas for addressing them.
There are many ways to establish and maintain an EA-FRT and individual EA-FRTs must adopt their own policies, procedures, and protocols to fit within their team dynamic and according to the laws of their State. Thus, this replication manual does not offer a set of step-by-step instructions on how to develop EA-FRTs, but instead offers clear guidance on the challenges and issues likely to come up in the course of establishing and maintaining an EA-FRT. Background information on the need for EA-FRTs is presented, including a discussion of the history of the concept of fatality review teams. The issues to be considered and the decisions to be made by those considering forming EA-FRTs are discussed, followed by a description of the work of EA-FRTs. The manual presents the details of conducting case reviews, collecting data, and developing reports and recommendations. The challenges of sustaining EA-FRTs are addressed, including the problem of vicarious traumatization and issues involved with determining costs and funding the team. Additional resources for EA-FRTs are identified and include references on EA-FRTs, information on the dying process, references on Domestic Violence and Child Fatality Review Teams, and resources on elder abuse. Appendixes contain sample mission statements, polices, and procedures. References, appendixes

Date Published: June 1, 2019