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The Effect of Gunshot Detection Technology on Evidence Collection and Case Clearance in Kansas City, Missouri

NCJ Number
Journal of Experimental Criminology Dated: 2023
Date Published
26 pages

This article discusses the impact of gunshot detection technology (GDT) on evidence collection and case clearance.


This study tests whether (1) shots fired calls for service in the gunshot detection technology (GDT) target area are more likely to be classified as unfounded; (2) police responses to shootings in the GDT target area are more likely to recover ballistic evidence or firearms; and (3) shootings in the GDT target area are more likely to be cleared. Shots fired occurring in the GDT target area were 15% more likely to be classified as unfounded compared to control cases. GDT did not significantly influence the likelihood of evidence collection or case clearance in shooting incidents. GDT may not add investigative value to police responses to shooting incidents and may increase patrol workload. Entropy balancing created a weighted control group that equaled the treatment group across a range of covariates. GDT effect was tested through logistic regression models with entropy balancing weights set as probability weights. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2023