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DRAFT Criminal Justice Offender Tracking System Refurbishment Service Program Requirements — NIJ-RP-1004.00

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2013
20 pages
This is the draft (subject to change) of a report that specifies the program requirements with which a certification body must comply in acting as a certification body in determining whether an offender tracking system (OTS) complies with the minimum product characteristics and performance specified for refurbished OTSs in the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) Standard 1004.00.

The report notes that since this is a draft document, technical comments and recommended revisions are welcome. The rationale for the development of this document is to ensure consistent application of certification procedures for OTSs in determining their compliance with standard 1004.00, as well as to provide transparent criteria for the operation of certification programs and the accreditation issued by certification bodies. In order to acquire or maintain accreditation, certification bodies must initially and then continually meet the requirements set forth in this document. This document states that in order to act as a certification body, it is required that the body receive certification from NIJ. NIJ reserves the authority to introduce new or revised requirements for the certification body and to set transition times for compliance with those requirements. In order to acquire or maintain accreditation, the certification body must give prior written consent to the accreditation body's provision to NIJ of information obtained from the accreditation body's activities. Other requirements for certification of an accreditation body pertain to the listing of OTS models tested, the labeling and marking of products tested, the surveillance requirements for testing, applicant's management system, and the content of testing reports. Appended OTS product data and supplier attestation form

Date Published: December 1, 2013