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Directory of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Associations and Research Centers

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Date Published
March 1996
62 pages

This directory lists national, nonprofit professional and volunteer social action associations and research centers that are active in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice.


The international and foreign organizations that are listed either have a large number of American members, have a U.S. chapter, or are doing work that is applicable to the United States. The local organizations that are listed either cover several States or are of national interest. The organizations are listed alphabetically. The information about each organization in this directory forms a separate entry. Each entry contains the following information: the full title of the organization and its acronym, where applicable; the mailing address; a person to contact within the organization, usually an incumbent officer; the telephone and fax number at which a contact person can be reached; the year when the organization was founded; the number of members; the number of staff, where applicable; a brief description of the organization; affiliations, if any; publications, if any; and the date and place of the next meeting or convention, or when they generally occur. A subject index is cross-referenced and is based solely on information given in the descriptions of activities.

Date Published: March 1, 1996