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Diminishing Resources & Gang Prevention - Interview With Mario Maciel

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Date Published
June 2011
2 pages
This video and transcript of an interview with Mario Maciel, who manages Recreation and Neighborhood Services for San Jose, CA, discusses results-based funding and needs-based funding, as well as the cost-effectiveness of evidence-based practices in times of scarcity.
This interview is an appeal to the Federal Government to provide funding for studies of result-based local programs, particularly in times of scarcity when evidence-based programs have proven to be the most cost-effective. Often, the Federal Government gives funding priority to local jurisdictions with the greatest needs, .e.g., communities with high rates of violence and gang activity. In his interview, Mario Maciel argues for giving equal priority to jurisdictions that have successfully controlled crime rates and gang activity, jurisdictions such as San Jose, which has mounted successful collaborative partnerships and sustainable initiatives that have improved public safety by prevented gang-prevention programs for 19-20 years. In times of scarcity, such as San Jose is experiencing, Federal funding is needed to sustain its successful programs, and it is also worthy of study as a city that has successfully lowered crime and gang activity. This warrants federally sponsored evaluations of what makes San Jose's gang-prevention programs work well.

Date Published: June 1, 2011