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Data on likelihood ratios of two-person DNA mixtures interpreted using semi- and fully continuous systems

NCJ Number
Data in Brief Volume: 26 Dated: 2019
Date Published

This second paper on the authors’ analysis of 102 two-person DNA samples from simulated mixtures and male-female and male-male post-coital specimens reports the data on profile characteristics of these samples and likelihood ratios (LRs) generated using semi- and fully continuous systems.


This second article follows up on the findings presented in the author’s first paper entitled, “Probabilistic Approaches to Interpreting Two-person DNA Mixtures from Post-coital Specimens.” In the current paper, both log10 LRs from true and non-contributor tests are presented. These data may supplement studies that compare the performance of different probabilistic systems for DNA evidence interpretation. (publisher abstract modified)

Date Published: January 1, 2019