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Dangerous Drivers in 3D

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This article describes a Massachusetts State Police (MSP) program called 3D (Drunk, Drugged, and Dangerous), which targets dangerous and aggressive driving that may involve what is commonly called "road rage."

Instead of patrolling in marked vehicles, designated officers patrol in unmarked vehicles that range from older model cars to taxicabs and small school buses. These troopers video moving violations and provide narration to the tape. Once the evidence is recorded, the spotting trooper radios a nearby marked unit, which stops the vehicle and tickets the driver. Statistics collected in August and September 1998 show that 3 troopers stopped and cited 480 drivers, who were charged with 635 driving violations. This supports MSP's belief that most aggressive drivers commit more than one violation at a time. Of the 480 drivers cited, 9 were cited for endangering, a criminal charge that can carry a 1-year jail term; 345 had been previously stopped for a similar offense, suggesting that reckless driving is a habitual pattern. In addition to the initial spotting and ticketing of the violations, the 3D Program encompasses prosecution, education, and prevention. A history of violations can lead to an immediate suspension of the driver's license, even prior to conviction for the current charge. Preventive education includes having troopers meet with community groups to inform them about the 3D Program and offer advice for preventing road rage, such as never engaging in dangerous retaliation against aggressive drivers. Another educational effort is the expansion of drivers training courses.

Date Published: January 1, 1999