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Cutting Edge of Technology: Enhancing Local and State Law Enforcement's Understanding and Use of Emerging Technology, Project Closeout Report 2005-2007

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This report on the achievements of the Cutting Edge Technology program in its 6th year of operation addresses two tasks: the development of comprehensive digital in-car camera minimum performance specifications, including the testing and certification of a mobile video camera product; and a statistical analysis of the Police Pursuit Database of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).
The rapid deployment of digital video cameras in police patrol vehicles has heightened the need for these devices. The ability to assess the true capabilities of these systems using performance specifications will enable law enforcement agencies to deploy video equipment that protects and holds accountable officers and managers; collects video evidence that will meet the requirements of the courts; and ensures efficiency in all phases of the mobile video system life cycle. Based on recommendations from the inaugural meeting of the Digital Video Standards Advisory Panel meeting, IACP has modeled the specifications program for in-car video system on the successful specifications program developed by the IACP for speed measuring and automated enforcement devices. In conjunction with the activities of the specifications development, a draft document, Chiefs Guide to Digital in-Care Video Systems, was developed. This document provides law enforcement administrators with guidance on problem identification, needs assessment, product selection, and deployment considerations. Regarding the statistical analysis of the existing data in IACP's Police Pursuit Database, the IACP contracted with the George Mason University Administration of Justice Department to perform this analysis. The resulting report, Police Pursuits in an Age of Innovation and Reform: the IACP Police Pursuit Database was published and is available in print and online through the IACP Web site.

Date Published: January 1, 2011