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CrimeSolutions Can Be Used to Help Address Problems in Your Community

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September 2013
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This online video profiles crimesolutions.gov, a Web site that offers information about effective evidence-based practices for use in combating crime.


This online 9-minute video, CrimeSolutions.gov: See how it can help meet your community's justice needs, profiles the crimesolutions.gov Web site. The Web site offers information about effective evidence-based practices that can be used by communities to find solutions to their crime problems. The site profiles justice-related programs that have been carefully evaluated and rated for use by both practitioners and policymakers. The programs are aimed at helping criminal justice, juvenile justice, and victim service professionals be smarter about finding solutions for their communities. Each program is evaluated to see if it achieves its intended outcomes, and given one of three ratings: effective outcomes, promising outcomes, or no effect. The site also contains guides for implementing each program. To select the program that is most appropriate for their situation, users of the site are asked a set of questions to assist them in determining which program works best for them.

Date Published: September 1, 2013