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Crime Reduction, Diffusion, and Displacement: Evaluating the Effectiveness of CCTV

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This chapter discussion the evaluation of the effectiveness of CCTV in crime reduction.


This chapter, which aims to describe the process of evaluation and highlight some of the main findings on the effectiveness of CCTV in crime reduction that emerge from the Redton, England, CCTV scheme, will be of interest to those wrestling with the problems of technique and methodology connected with measuring the effects of CCTV systems. This is an important task given the claims made about CCTV systems. It is also important given the 'stunning' proliferation of such systems. The evaluation of the crime reduction impact of CCTV systems has been the subject of little systematic, independent research. The only comparable existing studies are Bulos and Sarno (1995), Brown (1995), Short and Ditton (1996) and Squires and Measor (1996). (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: January 1, 1998