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Continued Development of FROG-kb: A Forensic Resource/Reference on Genetics Knowledge Base

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July 2017
11 pages
This report summarizes the methodology and achievements of a project whose overall goal has been to continue expanding the content of the project's large database, ALlele FREquency Database (ALFRED), to make needed modifications to it, and to develop the FROG-kb database interface (Forensic Resource/Reference of Genetics knowledge base), so as to provide new data and capabilities as a prototype for forensic teaching and research, to facilitate forensic practices, and to serve as a forensic reference tool.

The main objective for ALFRED and FROG-kb was to expand the frequency data available for SNPs studies in many populations. For the SNPs included in the forensic panels available in the ALFRED SNPset page and in FROG-kb, the project focused on adding additional population samples, even if the entire SNP set is not available for a population. Overall, a completely new FROG-kb interface with a detailed user manual has been put online. Data on many population samples have been added to ALFRED/FROG-kb, thus increasing the reference populations available for various SNP panels. The overlap study paper involving 21 different AISNP panels and the outcome of the analysis from the study was published, highlighting the "empty matrix" issue, which is a serious problem for the forensic field. The FROG-kb and ALFRED interfaces have new functions for the convenience of users, with the ultimate goal of providing a "one-stop shop" pertaining to the forensic SNPs panels for the forensic and human population genetics communities, and the key outcomes that contribute to this goal have been implemented in the current FROG-kb interface with supporting and supplemental data in ALFRED. Also noted are adverse events, opportunities for training from the project, and dissemination/publicity of products. 2 tables and 2 figures

Date Published: July 1, 2017