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Community Crisis Response Team Training Manual, Second Edition

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642 pages
This is a training guide for individuals and communities interested in responding effectively to crises.
An overview of crisis response addresses the scope of catastrophes, creating a healthy growth equilibrium, trauma's impact on health and growth, crisis and trauma interventions and their effects on routine equilibrium, and the implementation of crisis and trauma interventions. The next two chapters focus on the internal and external factors of the trauma response, followed by a chapter on long-term stress reactions that stem from various crises. A chapter on death and dying explores various fears and anxieties about death, the acknowledgment of death, the nature of grief, hints for helping survivors, and preparing for death. A chapter on crisis and the continuum of age recognizes that age may play a large part in the survivor's ability to cope with crisis. It examines the development issues involved in the continuum of age and how crisis intervention services must take these issues into account. Other chapters address cultural perspectives on trauma, post-trauma counseling, the spiritual dimension of trauma, group crisis intervention techniques, coordinating a crisis response team, the management of the media in crisis situations, and pre-crisis planning for local communities. Other chapters consider the simulation of a group crisis intervention session, response plans for communities in crisis, practice group crisis intervention sessions, and stress reactions of caregivers. Appended supplementary instruction and a 210-item bibliography

Date Published: January 1, 1998