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Combatting Crime With Data (OJP Diagnostic Center Annual Report, 2014)

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April 2015
18 pages
This is the FY 2014 Annual Report of the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Diagnostic Center, whose mission is to "increase public safety by putting evidence-based programs, practices, and policies and, conversely, practice-based evidence into actions across the criminal justice, juvenile justice, and victim services communities."
During FY 2014, the Diagnostic Center assisted 27 jurisdictions in compiling, analyzing, and using the data at their disposal in order to understand local trends and align them with Federal and State resources that can be used to make communities safer. During the year, collaboration was a key theme of the Diagnostic Center's technical assistance. It worked with 23 Federal and non-governmental agencies to increase the number of communities assisted by 22 percent. In addition, the Diagnostic Center published a collection of evidence-based resources. During the year, the Diagnostic Center has provided technical assistance that has enabled community leaders to maximize the resources available to them to address their criminal justice concerns. 3 figures and 1 table

Date Published: April 1, 2015