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Child Internet Safety

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This report describes The Internet and Your Child education and training class developed by a veteran law enforcement officer in Seattle, WA, to provide the information and tools needed by parents, teachers, and others in supervising children's online experiences and in protecting children from online victimization.
Today, children and teenagers are the fastest growing group of Internet users, and the number of Internet crimes against children is growing as rapidly. Computers are a permanent part of a child's life, if they do not have a computer at home, a child has access to the Internet at their school, library, or a friend's home. Protecting children from online victimization presents a new set of challenges to law enforcement agencies. To meet these challenges, a 23-year veteran of the Seattle Police Department developed a class, The Internet and Your Child, that provides the information and tools needed by parents, teachers, and others to supervise children's online experiences and protect them from online victimization. This report describes the class which is organized into modules with each section building on the next. This provides the flexibility of the class to be used in any setting. Since its inception, the class has been offered in 16 States and is developing an international presence.

Date Published: January 1, 2002