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A Call To Action: Enhancing Officer Safety Through the Use of Event Deconfliction Systems

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In order to enhance officer safety and law enforcement agency operations, this document describes event deconfliction, why it is important, and how agencies can participate.


This informational document, first issued in 2013 and revised in 2015, emphasizes the importance of event deconfliction systems for the maximization of officer safety. It provides a two-paragraph description of what event deconfliction is, defining it as the process of determining when multiple law enforcement personnel are simultaneously conducting events near one another. These actions include raids, undercover operations, surveillance, or executing search warrants; it notes that certain elements of these actions may result in conflicts between personnel that may interfere with one or all of the missions or lead to officer injury or death. The document also lays out several reasons why event deconfliction is important. Certain tools listed that will enhance information sharing and event deconfliction include: Case Explorer, the Regional Information Sharing Systems® (RISS) Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System (RISSAFE™), or the Secure Automated Fast Event Tracking Network (SAFETNet). The document also lays out ways in which agencies can participate in event deconfliction.

Date Published: January 1, 2015