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BWC Cost and Storage Estimator Guidebook

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2019
53 pages
This Guidebook assists law enforcement agencies that are considering or are already committed to the deployment of body-worn cameras (BWCs) in estimating and forecasting the ongoing costs of maintaining BWC programs, including equipment, infrastructure, storage, redaction, personnel, and other costs.
This BWC Cost Estimator is a spreadsheet-based algorithm (set of mathematical calculations) that enables a BWC site to develop real or estimated costs and cost-related data for a series of variables. It also facilitates an estimate of whether the anticipated benefits of an agency's BWC program will partly or completely offset program costs. This Estimator, however, is not intended to produce a precise forecast of costs and savings for use in official budgeting. It is intended as a guide for considering the future costs and benefits of a BWC program. The worksheet includes a list of costs and benefits, with a section for the user to provide information on each cost and benefit, along with an explanation of the costs and benefit categories. There is also a separate worksheet in the Cost Estimator file to assist in estimating BWC storage requirements.

Date Published: June 1, 2019