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Arts and Performances for Prevention

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2000
8 pages
Publication Series
This bulletin describes using arts and performances to convey messages of crime and violence prevention.
Through music, drama, dance and visual arts, youth can draw attention to problems in their communities, educate others on the benefits of crime prevention and suggest ways to prevent crime. The bulletin discusses how arts and performances prevent or reduce crime and what it takes to start such activities. Initial steps include identifying the target audience and message, identifying needs and available resources and developing a schedule. The bulletin also describes what it takes to maintain community support for arts and performances programs and some of the challenges and rewards of these initiatives. Evaluation of the programs should determine whether they engage the talent of local youth in promoting key crime prevention messages, provide opportunities for youth to use and develop artistic ability, educate and raise community members’ awareness of the problems or issues that the group is addressing and use creative expression to transcend language and cultural barriers. Notes, resources

Date Published: January 1, 2000