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Applications of fluid dynamics and mechanics of continua in forensics

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Physics of Fluids Volume: 35 Issue: 12 Dated: December 2023 Pages: 120401
Date Published
December 2023

This paper discusses a collection of works concerning the applications of fluid dynamics and mechanics of continua in forensics.


This publication provides an overview of a collection of works published by Physics of Fluids under an umbrella-title Flow and Forensics. These works span the two fields that currently coexist without too much interaction, namely, fluid mechanics and forensic science. The present work demonstrates that not only a tangential interaction, but a wide mutual polymer-like reptation might be beneficial for both fields. The present set of works already demonstrates that sub-fields of fluid mechanics, such as multi-phase flows, gas dynamics, and rheology, fluid mechanical topics, such as drops and vortices, and tools, such as de Laval nozzle, are not alien at all to forensic science subjects and could be beneficial for them. In its turn, forensic science can enrich fluid mechanics by such subjects as blood pattern analysis, blood and brain spatter analysis, prediction of the blood spatter origin, and delineation of a staged suicide (a homicide) from a real one. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: December 1, 2023