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The AMBER Advocate, Volume 2, Issue 3, October 2008

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Amber Advocate Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Dated: October 2008 Pages: 1-8
Date Published
October 2008
8 pages
This issue of AMBER Advocate presents several articles from Federal, State, local, and foreign government and nongovernmental agencies and organizations on child abduction initiatives under the AMBER Alert program.
First, an article discusses how members of Child Abduction Response Teams (CART) will become the newest partners to participate at the 2008 National AMBER Alert Conference held in October 2008 in California. Second, an article discusses the potential of the FBI Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) teams becoming a supplemental resource to CART. Third, an article discusses how Colorado’s AMBER Alert system is successful with the help of a back-up system. Fourth, a discussion is presented of final preparations being made for the successful implementation of the Gila River Indian Community’s AMBER Alert plan. The Gila River Tribe is 1 of 10 pilot Indian Nations working with various agencies to implement AMBER Alert plans. Fifth, a profile is presented on Phil Keith, the former Knoxville Police Chief and current AMBER Alert Program Director for Fox Valley Technical College. Sixth, a brief profile of the AMBER Alert Liaisons across the country is presented which includes the Northeast, South, Midwest, West, and Indian Country. Seventh, the development and implementation of the AMBER Alert plan under the Canadian Association for Public Alerting and Notification’s (CAPAN) is discussed. CAPAN will serve as a national clearinghouse for all official public alerts and notices. Lastly, the European Parliament hopes to sign an agreement by December that would create an AMBER Alert system for the 27-nation bloc. Additional information is presented from a reflection of the first AMBER Alert National Conference held in Dallas, TX in 2003 to a synopsis of the Wireless AMBER Alerts Initiative in some of the 2008 Official Major League Baseball Programs as a way to inform the public that they can sign up to receive free AMBER Alerts on their cell phones.

Date Published: October 1, 2008