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After the Robbery: Crisis to Resolution - Video Guidebook

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15 pages
This guidebook accompanies a video, "After the Robbery: Crisis to Resolution," which is designed to help victims of bank robberies cope with the emotional trauma associated with victimization and to inform victims about the criminal justice process.
The video is also intended to help bank managers, security personnel, and victims' families understand a victim's experience and help them to be supportive. The video may also assist in training law enforcement officers, prosecutors, victim advocates, and other criminal justice personnel who work with victims of workplace robberies. The video introduces the concepts of a Crisis Response Program and Victim Teller Task Force. One section of this guidebook provides suggestions for creating a Victim Teller Task Force, which is a vehicle for developing and implementing practical ways to provide support to bank tellers who are victims of bank robberies. Recommendations are offered for Task Force membership and Task Force goals and projects. Another section of the guidebook provides guidelines for creating a Crisis Response Program, which is designed to ensure that there is immediate in-person intervention shortly after a violent crime. The purpose of the crisis response is to stabilize the individual emotionally and to offer support and information to help the victim cope with the emotional trauma of victimization. The guidebook proposals cover the benefits and goals of a Crisis Response Program, various crisis response models, choosing a crisis response model, the essential ingredients of a crisis response program, and program development.

Date Published: January 1, 1997