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Abraham model correlations for describing the partition of organic compounds from water into the methyl ethyl ketone extraction solvent

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Since experimental water-to-methyl ethyl ketone partition coefficients have been determined for 34 different organic solutes at ambient room temperature based on gas–liquid chromatographic measurements, this project determined updated Abraham model correlations for describing solute transfer into methyl ethyl ketone by combining the measured partition coefficient data determined in the present study with published experimental values taken from chemical and engineering literature.



Experimental data for 48 compounds were used in determining the revised Abraham model correlations. The revised mathematical correlations were determined to back-calculate the observed partition coefficient data to within an overall average standard deviation of 0.17 log units or less. The partitioning characteristics of the water-to-methyl ethyl ketone system were compared to the characteristics of two other biphasic water-to-ketone partitioning systems. (publisher abstract modified)


Date Published: January 1, 2022