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30x30 Initiative: Prioritizing Women in Law Enforcement

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June 2023

This episode of the Justice Today podcast discusses the 30x30 Initiative.


In this episode of the Justice Today podcast, Maureen "Mo" McGough, Chief of Strategic Initiatives for the Policing Project at the New York University School of Law, discusses how the 30x30 Initiative, sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), is improving public safety by helping local law enforcement agencies recruit and retain more women. The 30x30 Initiative aims to increase the representation of women in police recruit classes to 30 percent by 2030 and ensure police policies and culture intentionally support the success of qualified women officers throughout their careers. The goal is ambitious, given the stagnant growth in the number of women working in law enforcement over the years. However, studies show that increasing the number of women in law enforcement positively impacts public safety and community perception of police. McGough oversees national efforts to develop standards for police departments and reimagine public safety by minimizing unnecessary reliance on force and enforcement. She also is the cofounder of the 30x30 Initiative. Research suggests that women and other marginalized groups face hurdles unrelated to the job during the application process. In addition to helping agencies recruit more women, the 30x30 Initiative helps agencies prepare for an increase in women by examining their policies and procedures. So far, more than 300 agencies have committed to increasing the number of women in their agency, and several have reached 30 percent already.

Date Published: June 1, 2023