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2011 Police Vehicle Tire Evaluation

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July 2011
360 pages
This study provides information from a 12-stage tire testing program conducted at the Michigan State Police (MSP) Precision Driving Facility in Lansing, MI.

The MSP tire testing program was conducted using a series of whole vehicle tests to assess straight line stopping distance, maximum lateral acceleration in a steady state turn, wet jennite stopping distance, and braking in a turn on wet asphalt. The tires were tested in both a new tire condition and a worn tire condition after 100 laps around a 1-mile road course simulating pursuit or emergency driving conditions. All vehicle tests were conducted with the original equipment (OE) tires for comparison purposes. A Ford CVPI with new tires was used as a control vehicle for the purpose of monitoring any changes in the test surfaces over the course of the 2-week testing program. This testing protocol provides comparative assessments of various replacement tires offered for police service in each vehicle configuration evaluated, along with similar assessments of these same tires in a new versus worn condition allowing for relevant comparisons of performance between tires offered for the same vehicle. In addition, comparisons of performance of the same tire in a new versus worn condition were compiled to assess the significance of this aspect of tire performance. Tire test summaries by vehicle platform and detailed test data by platform are provided. Exhibits

Date Published: July 1, 2011