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FY 23 Grant Awards News Release Template

Advancing Community Safety and Justice



(Name of your organization) is proud to announce we have received critical grant funding from the Department of Justice to support the essential work we do. The Department recently announced it would be awarding more than 3,700 grants nationwide to support community safety, including (amount of funding) that will support (general purpose of your grant program) in (municipality of grantee/area where grant funding will be deployed)

(Description of your specific grant program, what it aims to achieve, why it matters, how funding will be used).

(Grantee Quote)

In total the DOJ, through its Office of Justice Programs, is awarding more than $4.4 billion in grants across the country. This funding will support state, local and community-based efforts and evidence-based interventions that reduce violence, crime and recidivism while delivering treatment and services to those at-risk of justice system involvement. Funding will expand partnerships between criminal justice professionals and behavioral health experts, help people safely and successfully transition from confinement back to their communities, reach crime victims in underserved areas, steer young people away from justice system contact, improve the management of sex offenders and support a wide range of research and statistical activities that will help justice system professionals meet community safety challenges.

(OJP quote available upon request) 

More information about this and other OJP awards can be found on the OJP FY 23 Grant Awards site. 

About the Office of Justice Programs

The Office of Justice Programs provides federal leadership, grants, training, technical assistance, and other resources to improve the nation’s capacity to prevent and reduce crime; advance equity and fairness in the administration of justice; assist victims; and uphold the rule of law. More information about OJP and its components can be found at www.ojp.gov.

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Date Published: September 26, 2023