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Award Condition: Recipient Integrity and Performance Matters (including Recipient Reporting to FAPIIS)

The following award condition is incorporated by reference in certain OJP awards made during or after January 2016. (To determine whether this condition applies to a particular OJP award, refer to the terms and conditions that accompany the award document.)

Award Term and Condition:

Reporting of Matters related to Recipient Integrity and Performance

Section 1. General Reporting Requirement

If the total value of the recipient entity's currently active grants, cooperative agreements, and procurement contracts from all Federal awarding agencies exceeds $10,000,000 for any period of time during the period of performance of this Federal award, then the recipient entity during that period of time must maintain the currency of information reported to the System for Award Management (SAM) that is made available in the designated integrity and performance system (currently, the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS)) about civil, criminal, or administrative proceedings described in section 2 of this award condition. This is a statutory requirement under section 872 of Public Law 110-417, as amended (41 U.S.C. 2313). As required by section 3010 of Public Law 111-212, all information posted in the designated integrity and performance system on or after April 15, 2011, except past performance reviews required for Federal procurement contracts, will be publicly available.

Section 2. Proceedings About Which The Recipient Entity Must Report

Submit the information required about each proceeding that:

a. Is in connection with the award or performance of a grant, cooperative agreement, or procurement contract from the Federal Government;

b. Reached its final disposition during the most recent five year period; and

c. Is one of the following:

  1. A criminal proceeding that resulted in a conviction, as defined in section 5 of this award condition;
  2. A civil proceeding that resulted in a finding of fault and liability and payment of a monetary fine, penalty, reimbursement, restitution, or damages of $5,000 or more;
  3. An administrative proceeding, as defined in section 5 of this award condition, that resulted in a finding of fault and liability and the recipient entity's payment of either a monetary fine or penalty of $5,000 or more or reimbursement, restitution, or damages in excess of $100,000; or
  4. Any other criminal, civil, or administrative proceeding if:
    1. It could have led to an outcome described in section 2.c.(1), (2), or (3) of this award condition;
    2. It had a different disposition arrived at by consent or compromise with an acknowledgment of fault on the part of the recipient entity; and
    3. The requirement in this award condition to disclose information about the proceeding does not conflict with applicable laws and regulations.

Section 3. Reporting Procedures

Enter in the SAM Entity Management area the information that SAM requires about each proceeding described in section 2 of this award condition. The recipient entity does not need to submit the information a second time under assistance awards that the recipient received if the recipient already provided the information through SAM because the recipient was required to do so under Federal procurement contracts that the recipient entity was awarded.

Section 4. Reporting Frequency

During any period of time when the recipient entity is subject to the requirement in section 1 of this award condition, the recipient entity must report proceedings information through SAM for the most recent five year period, either to report new information about any proceeding(s) that the recipient entity has not reported previously or affirm that there is no new information to report. Recipients that have Federal contract, grant, and cooperative agreement awards with a cumulative total value greater than $10,000,000 must disclose semiannually any information about the criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings.

Section 5. Definitions

For purposes of this award condition:

a. "Administrative proceeding" means a non-judicial process that is adjudicatory in nature in order to make a determination of fault or liability (e.g., Securities and Exchange Commission Administrative proceedings, Civilian Board of Contract Appeals proceedings, and Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals proceedings). This includes proceedings at the Federal and State level but only in connection with performance of a Federal contract or grant (including a cooperative agreement). It does not include audits, site visits, corrective plans, or inspection of deliverables.

b. "Conviction", for purposes of this award condition, means a judgment or conviction of a criminal offense by any court of competent jurisdiction, whether entered upon a verdict or a plea, and includes a conviction entered upon a plea of nolo contendere.

c. "Total value of currently active grants, cooperative agreements, and procurement contracts" includes --

  1. Only the Federal share of the funding under any Federal award with a recipient cost share or match; and
  2. The value of all expected funding increments under a Federal award and options, even if not yet exercised.
Date Created: February 4, 2020