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NEW for FY 2019

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has created an FY 2019 OJP Grant Application Resource Guide. The provisions of the OJP Grant Application Resource Guide apply to only those applications submitted in response to OJP solicitations that expressly incorporate the Guide by reference. The OJP Grant Application Resource Guide provides guidance to assist OJP grant applicants in preparing and submitting applications for OJP funding, and information that may help potential applicants making the decision whether to apply for funding. If a solicitation expressly modifies a provision of the OJP Grant Application Resource Guide, the applicant is to follow the guidelines in the solicitation as to any such expressly-modified provision.

The table below lists all the open OJP funding opportunities, with links to the full text of the solicitation and to the appropriate grants system to apply. We encourage you to check out the Apply section of the site for information and training on writing and submitting an application. If you are looking for funding opportunities released in previous years or that closed during the current fiscal year, go to the Past Funding Opportunities page.

  • Open Solicitations
    Solicitations are OJP's competitive and formula/block grant funding opportunity announcements.
  • Open Challenges
    Challenges are technical, scientific, ideation, and creative competitions where the U.S. government seeks innovative solutions from the public, bringing the best ideas and talent together to solve mission-centric problems.

Open Solicitations

Solicitation Deadline Apply
Department of Justice
No open solicitations    
Bureau of Justice Assistance
Southwest Border Rural Law Enforcement Information Sharing and Interdiction Assistance Grants 07/02/2019
The Intellectual Property Enforcement Program: Protecting Public Health, Safety, and the Economy from Counterfeit Goods and Product Piracy 07/02/2019
Upholding the Rule of Law and Preventing Wrongful Convictions Program 07/02/2019
BJA STOP School Violence Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools Program 07/15/2019
Innovative Reentry Initiatives: Building System Capacity & Testing Strategies to Reduce Recidivism 07/15/2019
Innovations in Community-Based Crime Reduction (CBCR) Program 07/15/2019
Innovations in Supervision Initiative: Building Capacity to Create Safer Communities 07/15/2019
Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program 07/15/2019
Data-led Governing: Raising the Bar for States’ Criminal Justice Policy and Practice 07/16/2019
Comprehensive Corrections Training and Technical Assistance 07/31/2019
Gulf States Regional Law Enforcement Technology Training and Technical Assistance Initiative 08/08/2019
Bureau of Justice Statistics
No open solicitations    
National Institute of Justice
Establishment of a National Center on Restorative Justice 08/12/2019
Evaluation of Juvenile Corrections Executive Leadership Training 08/12/2019
Evaluation of Street Law™ Programs 08/12/2019
Longitudinal Research on Delinquency and Crime 08/13/2019
National Survey of Internet- and Technology-Facilitated Child Exploitation 08/20/2019
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Specialized Services and Mentoring for Child and Youth Victims of Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation 07/29/2019
Strengthening Investigative Tools and Technology for Combating Child Sexual Exploitation 07/29/2019
Office for Victims of Crime
Guidance for Invited Applications for Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program for Crime Victim Compensation and/or Assistance Open GMS
Enhancing Language and Other Access to Services Program 06/26/2019
Field-Generated Innovations in Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking 06/27/2019
Improving Outcomes for Child and Youth Victims of Human Trafficking 07/01/2019
Transforming America's Response to Elder Abuse: Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (E-MDTs) for Older Victims of Abuse and Financial Exploitation 07/07/2019
Building State Technology Capacity and Elder Abuse Hotlines 07/08/2019
Transforming Family Justice Center Services: Creating New Pathways of Hope and Healing for Polyvictims 07/08/2019
VOCA Victim Assistance 07/08/2019 GMS
VOCA Victim Compensation 07/08/2019 GMS
Specialized Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance and Resource Development 07/10/2019
Enhancing Community Responses to the Opioid Crisis: Serving Our Youngest Crime Victims 07/11/2019
Project Beacon: Increasing Services for Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Victims of Sex Trafficking 07/15/2019
Transforming America's Response to Elder Abuse: Mobilizing Attorneys for Older Victims of Abuse & Financial Exploitation 07/15/2019
Using Telehealth to Improve Care, Access and Quality of Sexual Assault Forensic Exams 07/17/2019
Discretionary Training and Technical Assistance Program for VOCA Victim Assistance Grantees 07/18/2019
Direct Services to Support Victims of Human Trafficking 07/19/2019
Field-Generated Solutions for Tribal & Non-Tribal Communities to Improve Services for Victims of Crime 07/24/2019
Law Enforcement-Based Victim Specialist Program 07/25/2019
Tribal Victim Services Set-Aside Program 07/29/2019
Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking
No open solicitations    


Open Challenge

Challenge Deadline Apply
No open challenges