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2.1 Application Process

Certified Assurances (Nondiscrimination Requirements)

As an applicant, you must assure and certify that you are in compliance with all applicable civil rights nondiscrimination requirements that are prescribed on the OJP Assurances Form 4000/3 (attached to the Application for Federal Assistance Standard Form 424 [SF-424]). You must assure that your subrecipients are in compliance as well.

Additional responsibility in the event of a finding of discrimination:

  • This responsibility will apply to you if you are a recipient of Federal funds and a Federal or State court or administrative agency finds through a due process hearing that you have, or a subrecipient or a contractor has, discriminated on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.
  • If these conditions apply, then you need to forward a copy of the hearing findings to the OJP Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

If you are a recipient of Federal funds and your award is $500,000 or more, you must submit an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan to OCR. Your subrecipients are required to submit one as well if they receive $500,000 or more in Federal funds.