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You Don't Just Need MORE Data. You Need the RIGHT Data.

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More than ever before, today's criminal justice agencies are faced with increasing demands to address quality of life issues, such as mental health, homelessness and substance abuse, in addition to their core competencies.

Shrinking budgets and calls to defer funding to other governmental agencies requires criminal justice agencies to truly embrace a "work smarter, not harder," strategy and implement evidence-based practices.

These efforts require data for analysis and assessing the effectiveness of strategies.

However, it's not about collecting just any data or even increasingly more data.

It's about collecting and using the right data.

Data that exists within external criminal justice agencies but, through partnership, can be married with criminal justice data for enhanced operational decisions.

This webinar will address strategies to develop partnerships with external entities, determine what and how data can be shared, methods to integrate the data into existing systems, and a sample of operational decisions that can be gleaned from the combined data.

In conclusion, this webinar will touch on how these efforts support a continual process of implementing evidence-based practices.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021