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What to Look for and How to Prepare for Disinformation Campaigns (Webinar)

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In today's environment, the way citizens view facts, define certainty, and classify information no longer adheres to traditional rules.

Fundamental changes have made it easier for domestic and foreign threats to exploit and amplify vital information to sow discord, push foreign nation's policy agendas, cause panic, and ultimately undermine confidence and public trust in the core institutions of our democracy.

As COVID-19 and civil discourse intensifies, a new, broader, and perilous disinformation environment generates distrust, deception, and violence.

Law enforcement leaders are asking how disinformation campaigns will impact their community and what can sheriffs and chief law enforcement leaders can do to thwart these messages.

The sheer amount of information on the pandemic means that government and community leaders need to take specific actions to ensure that their citizens and employees receive factual and actional information.

Date Created: February 3, 2021