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T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust Training

Event Dates
Atlanta Police Training Academy

Atlanta, GA

This free course will focus on T3, the only police training in the country that integrates tactical and social skills in a single, realistic context. T3 is the official de-escalation training and technical assistance program offered through the Bureau of Justice Assistance VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Initiative. T3 provides interactive, no-nonsense training that gives officers a set of proven tactical, social, and psychological tools for dealing safely and effectively with dynamic face-to-face interactions on the street.

T3 was developed by the same team that created and led the "Good Stranger" program, a major military initiative to improve service members' ability to interact with strangers in high-risk, low-trust encounters. All T3 instructors are experienced police or military veterans.

Topics in the T3 Basic Class:
- Seven Core Principles of Tact, Tactics, and Trust
- Controlling the Deadly Mix
- Improving Immediate and Long-Term Officer Safety
- "Graham-Plus:" Strengthening Your Legal "Body Armor"
- Tactical Decision Exercises (TDEs)
- Interactive Scenario: Safely Controlling Unpredictable People
- "GIRing-In" - How to Rapidly Assess and Engage Strangers
- "Sul-Talk" - Effective Control of People at Gunpoint

Date Created: February 3, 2021