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T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust

Event Dates
Leroy Smith Building - Veterans Courthouse Complex

Newark, NJ

This basic introductory course will focus on the T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust system, a police training that integrates tactical and social skills in a single, realistic context.

Topics covered in this training include:
- Seven Core Principles of Tact, Tactics, and Trust
- Controlling the Deadly Mix
- Improving Immediate and Long-Term Officer Safety
- "Graham-Plus:" Strengthening Your Legal "Body Armor"
- Tactical Decision Exercises (TDEs)
- Interactive Scenario: Safely Controlling Unpredictable People
- "GIRing-In" - How to Rapidly Assess and Engage Strangers
- "Sul-Talk" - Effective Control of People at Gunpoint

T3 is the official de-escalation training and technical assistance program offered through the Bureau of Justice Assistance VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Initiative.

Date Created: February 3, 2021