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Strengthening First Responder Resilience and Wellness During Social Unrest and Stressful Times (Webinar)

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Law enforcement professionals serve on the front lines of humanity's worst-case events, and nearly 70 percent of officers report that stressful work experiences have caused ongoing emotional issues, leading to a wide range of consequences including sleep difficulties, relationship problems, and thoughts of suicide.

In 2019, law enforcement officers had a 475 percent greater chance of dying by suicide than by gunfire from another person.

This webinar covers the current state of law enforcement trauma, wellness, and resilience, with an emphasis on proactive, preventative and strategic approaches to first responder wellness.

Topics include stress and trauma, suicide risk, confidential access to support resources, quality and availability of resources, law enforcement therapist vetting, peer support training, the role of COVID-19, social unrest, and other high-impact events, generational factors, and future directions for law enforcement wellness.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021