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The Sequel - Marijuana or Hemp: From Farm Bill to Forensic Analysis (Webinar)

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Due to the overwhelming attendance and interaction for the first Marijuana or Hemp: From Farm Bill to Forensic Analysis webinar that was originally held on January 15 2020, we have brought the presenters back to answer your questions directly.

In this webinar we will be conducting a deeper dive into all of the questions from the forensic community that were not able to be addressed in the first webinar.

This is an opportunity for the forensic community to get the answers to the questions that directly impact their professional capacities.

In the first webinar, attendees heard from experts in agricultural policy, hemp industry analytical testing, and the DEA Special Testing and Research laboratory to obtain a better understanding of the issues that have developed within the field of forensic drug testing since the signing of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 ("2018 Farm Bill").

This webinar provided a history of US farm policy as it relates to the legalities of hemp and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Information on farming and quality testing used by the hemp industry was presented.

The DEA shared their revised and enhanced forensic testing program for the effective and efficient identification of suspected marijuana submissions.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the 2018 Farm Bill, which created a USDA-administered hemp program, requiring the USDA to establish a regulatory framework to monitor compliance and regulate hemp production.

2) Understand the difference between (Delta)9-THC and (Delta)9-THCA, along with the testing and quality systems being used within the hemp and marijuana industries.

3) Provide the audience with an overview of the new analysis protocol implemented in DEA laboratories to efficiently identify marijuana submissions.

Renee Johnson
Mike Goodrich
Dr. Sandra Rodriguez-Cruz

Date Created: February 3, 2021