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Rehabilitation Through Innovation – Practices Related to Addiction and Recovery That Lead to Hope and Resiliency

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This webinar continue exploring strategies for addressing the challenges associated with opioid and other substance use disorders (SUDs) among children, youth, and families.

Dr. Sean Siebert, founder of the strategic management firm Invent Yourself LLC and creator of the “Adopt an Innovator” business model for community betterment, will provide a research-based perspective of proven reentry practices aligned with addiction treatment and recovery. Reentry tools needed to reduce recidivism while supporting sustainable recovery through employment and collaborative efforts with key stakeholders will be addressed.

After this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Define the process of innovation and its alignment with fostering an entrepreneurial spirit as a mechanism for supporting impacted youth and their families.
  • Showcase alternative approaches to preparing justice-involved youth and their families for reentry that support opportunities for positive reengagement within the communities where they reside.
  • Outline strategies to rethink approaches and potential barriers that promote self-sufficiency in a non-stigmatizing manner.
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Date Created: April 19, 2024