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Protecting our Most Vulnerable Native Youth - Strengthening Supports for Unsheltered and Runaway Native Youth

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During this online learning event, Frankee White Dress, Director, Oglala Sioux Tribe Emergency Youth Shelter, and Sheri Riemers (Nindaanisequay, White Earth Nation) Executive Director, Ain Duh Young Center, will share prevention and intervention strategies that are proving to be successful in working with unsheltered and runaway Native youth. Alejandra Bruyere, California Native Youth Collective Representative for the Center for Native American Youth, will also share stories of resilience and hope. Data collection strategies and resources on this topic will be provided during the presentation to support participants that are seeking to expand their services to this population of Native youth.

Sheri Riemers
Executive Director
Ain Duh Young Center

Frankee White Dress
Director OST Emergency Youth Shelter
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Alejandra Bruyere
California Native Youth Collective Representative
Center for Native American Youth

Jeri Brunoe
Tribal Youth Resource Center

Deborah Tobacco
Training and Technical Assistance Specialist
Tribal Youth Resource Center

Date Created: August 1, 2023