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Post Critical Incident Seminar: What You Can Do When Things Aren't Getting Better (Webinar)

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A critical incident is any event that results in an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and/or loss of control.

These events include line of duty shootings, getting shot or seriously hurt on the job, high-speed pursuits that end in tragedy, events that bring prolonged and critical media attention, and personal tragedies to name a few.

Despite the best support immediately following a critical incident, there can be long-lasting effects for some officers.

What can be done to help them? Come hear a discussion about Post Critical Incident Seminars.

What they are and how they can make a difference for your officers.

Created by the FBI specifically for law enforcement, the PCIS offers officers a safe and effective method for post-incident training in critical incident stress.

Offered only to officers who have been through highly traumatic events, the PCIS can mean the difference between staying on the job or leaving the law enforcement profession due to the unresolved and unexamined effects of critical incident stress.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021