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Policing in the "Executive State" (Webinar)

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Unlike other implicit bias training, this module provides a different perspective.

The executive state is the capacity to engage in complex problem-solving.

The module bridges the gap between the research of cognitive psychologists on how the brain works and research by social psychologists on bias in policing.

It provides an opportunity to understand the normal cognitive, motivational, and socio-cultural processes that promote intergroup biases and how our brains respond instinctively or consciously and deliberately in the moment.

Individuals and institutions reinforce each other's tendencies, making discriminatory behaviors powerful and resistant to change.

A new perspective and better understanding of how humans work and its relevance to policing will allow law enforcement professionals to better protect our rights and freedoms outlined in the constitution, to maintain public order through policies and practices that are humane, disciplined and equitable.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021