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OAYI Webinar: Harm Reduction: A Pathway to Wellness 

Opioid Affected Youth Initiative Webinar Series
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This webinar will to continue exploring strategies for addressing the challenges associated with opioid and other substance use disorders (SUDs) among children, youth, and families.

In this presentation, Dr. VonZell Wade, Advanced Implementation Specialist with the Opioid Response Network and co-founder of Lost Dreams, will address the pragmatic aspects of harm reduction and provide guidance on this framework, focusing on the impact of SUDs in the workplace including the creation of recovery-ready work environments. The information and tools shared during this session will serve to improve the implementation of harm reduction approaches in the workplace and their impact on those in recovery, demonstrate cultural responsiveness, and enhance engagement efforts to better support the affected youth and families of local communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and analyze the impact of SUDs in the workplace and the importance of understanding how to support those most vulnerable through distinct levels of organizational transformation
  • Explore how to utilize strategies for hiring and recruiting individuals experienced in the implementation of harm reduction strategies in the workplace in order to create and nurture a recovery-friendly culture that will lend itself to a recovery-friendly workplace
  • Advance understanding of the importance of equitable access to services that will support, empower, and engage families and youth in meaningful community transformation efforts 

Date Created: July 20, 2023