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National Mentoring Summit

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Event Dates
Washington, DC

Renaissance Washington DC Downtown
Washington, DC

The National Mentoring Summit is an opportunity for mentoring practitioners, researchers, philanthropists, youth leaders, government and civic leaders, and affiliates from across the country to unite under the shared goal of driving positive change for young people. 

Attendees have the opportunity to learn from one another, form new connections, and explore best practices for strengthening and expanding the youth mentoring movement.

Keynote speakers: 

  • Dr. Y. "Falami" Devoe also known as “Dr. Falami” is a Public Speaker, Facilitator, Educator, Space Holder, and Self-Care Ritualist.
  • SaulPaul is a three-time Grammy nominated musician with a message. He has also presented three TEDx Talks and performed at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. 

Plenaries include: 

  • Be the Change for Communities - Meet MENTOR’s new CEO, Jermaine Myrie, and Grammy-nominated rapper, SaulPaul, who will lead attendees through an interactive, purpose-filled session dedicated to celebrating this commitment to making positive change in diverse communities across the country and around the world.
  • Mentoring Black & Brown Girls - This dynamic session will include storytelling, performance, and an exploration of how mentoring frameworks can be adjusted to fully encompass and meet their unique needs.
  • Cultivating Culture of a Care and Wellbeing - Dr. Falami, will keynote this interactive session and explore the critical role of self and collective care, creativity, play, and healing in cultivating a culture of care and well-being. 

Date Created: September 6, 2023