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Motivational Conversation for Investigators: Discover the correlation between Motivational Conversation, Investigative Skills

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Motivational Conversation is the process of using questions to move people in a well-intended direction.

The questions are used to create conversations which lead to relationship building, or rapport.

As law enforcement officers, we engage community members on a daily basis where we are interacting, persuading, and engaging on a variety of levels.

Motivational Conversation helps the law enforcement professional make these daily contacts much more productive and effective.

As police investigators, there are similar aspects to conducting an interrogative interview and the core tenets of Motivational Conversation.

Both are based on rapport building, engaging with the person being interviewed, and guiding people along a well-intended path (truth seeking).

The ability to successfully use Motivational Conversation on a daily basis will be the foundation for conducting successful interrogative interviews.

Learn how to use Motivational Conversation to build upon your interrogative interviewing skills.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021