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Mentoring in the Age of Social Media

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Children's Community Programs of CT

New Haven, CT

With the instances of bullying, dating, and constant one-upmanship, it is important that mentors are aware of which social media sites exists, the dangers they can harbor, and how to speak to their mentee about safety, awareness, and respectful engagement with others.

Session Outline:
- Overview monitoring and supporting best practices
- Develop a plan to monitor mentor relationships
- Apply evidence-based protocol to check-ins with mentors
- How to assess the progress of the relationship
- Overview of closure best practices
- Review of premature and planned closures
- Understand the best practice standards and procedures for closure and rematch
- Implement prevention and interventions to closures
- Practice facilitating the match to closure including aftercare planning and referral

Target Audience: School, business, community and faith-based mentoring staff members who are responsible for operating mentor programs and/or training mentors.

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Date Created: February 3, 2021