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MDI Considerations for Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

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This webinar is part of the Medicolegal Death Investigation (MDI) Webinar Series, which will present practices used, lessons learned, and challenges and barriers faced within the MDI community. Webinar topics in the series include drug-related fatalities, prescription drug monitoring programs, and forensic science data integration.

Detailed Learning Objectives:
Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify how medical examiners'/coroners' (ME/C's) use prescription drug monitoring program (PDMPs) data for a medicolegal death investigation.
  • Understand how ME/Cs access PDMPs, how access of PDMPs is tracked in state databases, and what methods exist for quantifying measures of use.
  • Gain awareness of new opportunities and barriers for research on ME/C's use of PDMPs.

Chris Delcher, Ph.D., Epidemiologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science & Director of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the University of Kentucky

Date Created: October 13, 2021