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Making Personal Safety a Priority: Lessons for Criminal Justice Professionals and Victim Advocates

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Thirteen prosecutors in the U.S. have been murdered since 1967.

During the coronavirus pandemic, public health officials have quit their jobs over concerns for their safety, and some have been assigned protective security details.

In July 2020, the son of a federal judge was murdered, and her husband injured at their home.

Access to publicly available information on public officials and private citizens, including domestic abuse victims, is a concern in our digital age.

This webinar will show how criminal justice professionals can increase their personal safety and the safety of those for whom they are responsible.

Likewise, the webinar will be useful for victim advocates, providing the means to mitigate against intimate partner stalking and violence.

Drawing upon proven best practices from the executive protection industry and other security disciplines, this training will provide tips on how public officials and others, such as domestic violence victims, can "harden" their physical security and online privacy.

Date Created: February 3, 2021